Photography of the Oyama residence in Kirkland, Montreal, Quebec. Pictures were captured using a mix of daylight, flash and interior lighting with some instances of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.

Dennis Oyama was an exceptional woodworker during his off time before and after IBM. Year after year, Dennis recreated his home with exotic woods from all over the world. Very few details escaped his attention. From a simple Japanese lantern to an entire zen garden, he gave every attribute thoughtful consideration. Dennis also bestowed his woodworking craft and technique to his two sons. Not only have they matched his woodworking artistic abilities, but they have excelled in their pursuits in engineering and architecture.
Dennis and his surviving family have honored my photography over the years featuring the frozen Rahway River in West Orange, NJ, and my dessert photography tour of Northern Arizona. These works were masterfully framed by Dennis on their walls, as depicted below. These series of photographs are a memorial to his family and their friends.