What I do

I define myself as a lifestyle photographer. I enjoy capturing people at their best moments with the things they enjoy andthe enviroments they live and work in.

How I do it

While everyone uses photography to capture a celebratory event in their lives, I also capture how people personify themselves through their career and their personal life. We define ourselves through the sum of our experiences and I look for those traits to make them larger than life. I make all of my subject matter larger than life. As a photographer, I am not just intersted in finding clients, I am interested in building relationships.

Every person, photographers and subjects alike have an idealized sense of self, and sometimes that idea can get in the way of what is more important — our character. What I offer is the exploration of that character through the best tools a photographer has to offer –the use of creative lighting and lens work. This website is  a testament to that creative exploration and mutual success with all of those I have worked with.

What I believe in

“Infinite diversity in infinite combinations”
Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek