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An Annular Solar Eclipse: An alignment of worlds with a clockwork of execution

(4-5 Minute Read) I like landscapes and astronomy. It is the stage for our imaginations, putting us in context with the world with humility. About three to four years ago, I discovered a website called TimeandDate.com, which had the utility to predict astrological phenomena for any given location. From this website, I learned that I […]

Capturing an Aurora

Seeing and photographing an aurora has been long on my bucket list. Like many people, I have spent most of my life looking at other people’s amazing photos and thinking that I would have to travel far north from the urban sprawl to see one. I would never know if the weather was good enough to make the trip worth the effort.

Winter and Equivalents

Here’s a video of some of the creative landscape work I’ve done over the years, during the winter. They are mostly close-ups of details and texture of tree bark, snow and ice with some abstraction. The term ‘Equivalents’ comes from an R.I.T. professor emeritus Richard Zakia as written in his book, Perception and Imaging. To […]

Wedding Photography

Sometimes I am asked if I shoot weddings. The answer is yes, but I don’t actively seek it. I also ask myself why. Indeed, weddings are a joyous time, and I enjoy capturing people during the best time of their lives. I once attended a wedding photographer’s trade group where a photographer presented a slide […]